Big Data Strategy Conference in Vilnius

Big Data is more than a buzzword – it’s an opportunity that’s already transforming the business of advertising in the world. But it’s also a challenge that exceeds the scope of traditional business processes.

The first free event dedicated to Big Data topic in Eastern Europe was held on Thursday, May 29th 2014 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Event was sponsored and organized by Adform. We've got lots of attendees and speakers from wide known companies such as HP Vertica, Aerospike and etc.

This was our first try to invite developers, analysts and other field experts who have pondered the difficulties and possibilities of processing 100+ Terabytes of data to attend our exclusive event on Big Data. After this event we've organized Big Data Strategy event in Minsk which was also successful. We appreciate everyone who was participated and gave us valuable feedback.

See you during our next events: High Load Strategy and Big Data Strategy during 2015!


8:30 Welcome coffee
8:50 Intro to the event
Dionizas Antipenkovas

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9:00 Lightning talk 1
Ramunas Urbonas

Brief description:
A short introductory talk. I will tell you about the ongoing journey into Hadoop world. It is as story of Adform venturing into the BigData jungle in search of hidden treasures and glory. If you want to follow our footsteps, walk with me through this 20 minute talk - I will help you pack your things better.

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9:20 Session 1
Sarunas Chomentauskas , CEO and co-founder at Exacaster - Big data at Exacaster - what's new?

Brief description:
Uses of machine learning in business decision making: what are the requirements and why Hadoop works for us?

Machine learning, Predictive modeling, Hadoop, Hands-On Big Data
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10:20 Coffee break (30 min.)
10:50 Lightning talk 2
Ramunas Balukonis - Data warehouse research

Brief description:
Talk will cover research on scalable data warehouse technologies which took 2 years. Quite difficult to keep going to the goal when everything changes: technologies, requirements and people. However the is one thing most important thing that let us follow the direction: it‘s a vision. Nobody but you know where will you be in 10 years.

Scalable Data Warehouse, developing vision.
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11:10 Session 2
Michael Flower , System engineer at Vertica Systems

Brief description:
Michael Flower has been working with databases for over 20 years. He is a System Engineer for Hp Vertica technical pre-sales (EMEA).
Topics: Hands-On Big Data, Scalable Data Warehouse
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12:10 Break (1 hour 20 min.)
13:30 Session 3
Ed Snelson , Senior Applied Researcher at Bing!

Brief description:
Ed will present a Big Data case study about a large-scale online parameter exploration/optimization strategy he has worked on at Bing Ads, which makes heavy use of a Map-Reduce style algorithm for its computation on the ad-auction logs. He will talk about Bing's internal data storage and Map-Reduce platform (Cosmos/SCOPE) and try to highlight what he thinks are some of the pros and cons of this framework.
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14:30 Session 4
Thomas Jensen , Senior Business Analyst at Expedia

Brief description:
With big data algorithms have the potential to achieve impressive levels of precision, however due to the size of the data sets a host of new challenges appear when training the algorithms. This session will show how big data has impacted the use of classic machine learning algorithms, and illustrate how these algorithms can be adapted to run on large data sets.
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15:30 Coffee break (20 min.)
15:50 Lightning talk 3
Tadas Pivorius - Married to Cassandra

Brief description:
Will tell a story about our relationship with Cassandra and bring all the dirty laundry and happy moments to the public. And why it's finally ended.
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16:10 Session 5s
Peter Milne , Senior Solutions Architect at Aerospike - Real-time Analytics using Indexed MapReduce

Brief description:
Analytics is the mining of BigData to discover Signal amid apparent Noise. Traditionally this has been done as a batch process using Hadoop and similar technologies. This kind of batch processing can take a very long time to map the desired data and reduce it to Signal. But what if you want to do this in real time? Aerospike offers real time analytics using indexed MapReduce. This paper will present examples of how to do this and why it is valuable.
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17:10 Session 6
Sergey Sverchkov , Project Manager and Solution Architect at Altoros
Vitaly Rudenia, Java Team Lead at Altoros - Important factors when choosing a NoSQL solution for a project: functionality, performance, stability, and distributed infrastructures support

Brief description:
This session compares performance of some of the most popular NoSQL data stores: Couchbase, Mongo, Riak,Cassandra under the real-life workloads. All databases were tested under the same conditions using clusters of equal configuration and a data set of approximately 1 TB. The session will cover stability tests of clusters deployed in a single data center, as well as replication between several data centers, and overview of the main issues, which occurred during tests.
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This unique event will offer sessions on the practical applications of Big Data, as well as strategies the overcoming its constraints.

Topics will include:

Sessions will be conducted by market-leading companies, such companies as IBM Netezza, HP Vertica, Aerospike, Hadoop/Hbase, and others.


May 29th 2014, Thursday
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Crowne Plaza Vilnius. M. K. Ciurlionio str 84

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